from and on "extra lives"
Copy editor side of me: I didn't know I was reading a quotation at the start of the entry at first. Kind of confusing & required cognitive load to figure out.

I wouldn't have said anything except that after the initial quote, the only differentiation between quoted text and original text is paragraph formatting and indented formatting. That's when I wasn't sure whether layout was intentional or not.
--The_Lex Wed Jan 5 13:07:41 2011
Fair enough, fixed it.
--Kirk Wed Jan 5 13:47:16 2011
And happy first comment of the new year :-)
--Kirk Wed Jan 5 13:47:32 2011
Haha. Looks much nicer.

After some rumination, I like how Bisell identifies games being about challenge rather than time passing and narrative progression. That idea helps orient me in my RPG GMing.

BTW, this entry makes me think you might like a Chicago friend's website:
--The_Lex Wed Jan 5 14:34:50 2011

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