How new is the Deluxe Diner in Newton Centre?

Love the Deluxe Diner (that's the one that's on Mt Auburn St next to the pancake shop in Watertown, right?).
--The_Lex Tue Jan 18 12:03:40 2011
It's new! Googling shows it was just underway last summer.

Yeah, not sure about "pancake shop" (you mean the little store that's attached to it?) but it's there, near the Tufts medical refurbished school thing.
--Kirk Tue Jan 18 12:36:05 2011
Why did I say pancake. . .when I meant cupcake? Oh man. . .such good pancakes at Deluxe Diner, though. . .mmmmmmmmmm. I miss that place SO MUCH!
--The_Lex Tue Jan 18 18:57:57 2011

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