sredanvi - reverse space invaders
Haha it was a clever game :D
--Niklause Mon Jan 31 04:34:24 2011
Anyway to turn off the music other than turn down the volume?
--The_Lex Tue Feb 1 08:11:57 2011
No, mute feature didn't quite make it in in time :-(
--Kirk Tue Feb 1 10:15:02 2011
The music is fun, nonetheless.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 1 12:36:12 2011
I might be baeitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
--Jalene Mon Aug 1 06:40:52 2011
hPPfYM Totally agree with you, about a week ago wrote about the same in my blog..!!
--buy cheap oem software Sat Feb 11 17:05:52 2012
ifWOhc I really enjoy the article.Really thank you! Fantastic.
--Microsoft OEM Software Wed Mar 7 17:01:11 2012
Pistols on to the arm of the sofa  about parallel, just did 10 TGU find them very slow and tioudes. I'll have to check form guide for DUs- I skipped very , very fast! I guess some where doubles:0 -3.30 Prsssups taking hands off at bottom- mad hard! was reduced to knees for last 3 sets to maintain form and not push hips then arms  8.00, Squats well beyond parallel touching ankles up to 75 in a oner then short rest and pumped the rest out  2.48. Had a rest between skips and press ups but straight from PUs to Squats  hard that. Would like to see more scores up here as I prefer Crossfit endurance to the main Crossfit but need more scores to compare becuase that's the motivating factor!
--Ali Thu Apr 5 22:29:55 2012

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