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Their Gyros are "fine". Nothing objectionable (I preefr Al Wadi's; still pre-fab, but a different vendor). However, the charmer at George's is definitely the Greek Sandwich (can't remember the exact name), which is a sandwich + salad, served in a pita, with dressing and cheese and other yummy bits. Finally: this weekend (Friday 10am - Sunday 3pm) is the Ft. Worth Greek Festival, held at St. Demetrios church.
--Julakanti Thu Jan 17 13:11:27 2013
Is just me or does it seem weird that Cam, his ex-girlfriend, calls him Seeley, but Bones, his current gfrnirield, calls him Booth? You'd think Cam would at least stop calling him Seeley. Oh well. I can't wait´╗┐ for Thursday! )
--Mcdonald Thu Apr 11 12:45:26 2013

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