Reminds me of Swear, the snake game played on various 3D manifolds with a similar curvy control scheme.
--Nick Bensema Tue Feb 22 03:33:18 2011
Oh wow that was very neat! You should make a version for iOS/Android!! I think it would sell nicely if you could figure out a good touch control scheme (and if someone hasn't done something similar before). It's way better than normal snake.
Please Mr Kirky, with regards to my email, if it is not possible to easily do the stuff with 'hiding' js in certain parts of the comic, then please let me know. I have learnt that I can split up the comic so that it is several images, however making the CMS work with that is a bit challenging so I'd rather not if there is an easy javascript solution!
--Niklaus the space rat Tue Feb 22 03:50:12 2011
49 points wooo
--Niklaus the space rat Wed Feb 23 00:45:59 2011

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