aw7vqQ Very good blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.
--Discount OEM Software Wed Mar 7 12:40:23 2012
Wonderful exlpantaion of facts available here.
--Essence Thu Apr 4 18:02:32 2013
I just happened acrsos your article and started reading. You have to be dedicated to writing to be able to produce so much interesting information. I agree with a lot of this info. Thank you.
--Arvind Sun Nov 24 03:18:16 2013
Wow, a lot of mis conception about how "The Net" works. is good as well as but it only tests in short bustrs. You have to test BW , Latency, congestion from your own ISP as well as the WWW core providers BW, Latentcy, and congestion coupled with wireless LAN inefficiencies on your own network. Then , as stated above, youtubes core congestion. They plan for it but sometimes you cannot plan for stuff like MJ's funeral. It made the WWW spike across all ISP's clouds. It takes years to ramp up and lite fiber as well as install next gen routers ( Not to mention$$$$$). Give youtube a is FREE!Cable/DSL are still shared networks and BEst effort. You never get max speed except in short bustrs. Also depends if you are on a Tier 1 , 2, 3 or a resellers network. Tier 1 with direct access and good peering arrangments is always my first choice. I am spoiled because I have access on a OC 48 node at my office but deal with Comcast at home and it is not bad. Usually I get 6-10 mg down/2 mg up but lately the latency has been terrible and makes it feel like dial up.
--Artem Mon Nov 25 09:21:54 2013

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