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That was the most ass kissing piece to the Cambridge Jail I have ever seen. It is a condemned building, that has asbesto, electrical, and structural issues. It is overcrowded and the jail times (some stretching more than 12 months) are rediculous.

So instead of focusing on:
a. Lack of Judges for a speedy trial.
b. Condemned building being used as hothouse jail.
c. Latent asbestos problems of long term prisoners.

You give us the happy sunshine story of popsicles.

Why not just put an LED sign on the business end of the billy-club that says, "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience." That will make the next beating seem less authoritarian.

Maybe next time we can have a piece on how "Freedom through work" is a really helpful idea.

This piece was another glom of authoritarian ass kissing and you went right along with it. Give you a bright shiny nickle if you can answer this question: Why does cambridge think it is a good idea to use such a structure as a jail with all of its problems.

"Critical Thinking is Fun"
--E"I fucking weep" B Wed Sep 14 15:50:33 2011
The story is about people stuck in a bad situation using clever and respectful techniques to make it better.

You're right that there's probably more room for a firebreathing condemnation of the budget and structural problems that made the situation happen. But this was not that story. I guess I do understand your being offended by a bit of a weirdly feelgood puff piece when there's an elephant in the room right behind.

Nice invocation of Nazis and Godwin's law there, shmendrick.
--Kirk Thu Sep 15 07:49:58 2011

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