Thanks for the tips. This is my sncoed go round blogging. My goal is to increase readership and these tips will definitely help me..-= Omar´s last blog .. =-.
--Mateusz Fri Feb 10 21:16:08 2012
We owe you an explanation on what is bhenid the reasoning to change Toggl's pricing.Our pricing levels have been the same for the past two years. This particular change is something we have been considering for some time, it is most definitely not a rash emotional decision.The existence of fixed plans limited the options for those users who just wanted to add one member to their workspace and found themselves paying an extra 20 to 40 USD per month for that one user. It also created extra trouble for workspaces that wanted more than 40 users as they had to contact us and had to wait for custom packages to be generated. Those were the main reasons we wanted to get rid of pricing plans.When determining the new pricing level, we looked at our competitors on the market and found that Toggl was by far the cheapest one out there. We felt that for the value that Toggl offers, our prices deserved to be comparable to other similar programs (Paymo, Freckle, Harvest, Mite, Timr, etc). It comes down to the value Toggl provides you. Are we justifying the cost of $5 per month or not? We sure do aim to be much more valuable for you than that. Increasing prices is never an easy decision or process. Believe us, we are not doing this lightly. There is probably no good or comfortable way to increase prices, so we tried to do it without stretching the process out for too long. All users have up to three months to react to this change. If you find it really is too short a transition period, let us know and we will see if we can find a solution to this. Over the two years that our pricing has remained the same, Toggl has moved forward majorly. These developments and improvements will most definitely not stop here and we will keep adding value to our product.For all users who are worried about stability, looking at our past 2 years' behaviour, you can rest assured that there will be no major pricing changes for at least another period of a similar length. This includes Solo and Free package users.
--Carolina Tue Apr 24 02:33:01 2012

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