Ia4j4M Develop the topic further! It is interesting to know more details..!
--buy cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 01:55:55 2012
I use the icelink plus with a Sony HU and an iPhone. This week the Denison dediced it wanted control and I got the iPod accessory message. Tried updating firmware via iPhone by playing the correct song but like others I had no luck. The easiest solution was to plug in a regular iPod and switch back to ipodUI mode. Everything fine until it does this again. Would be nice if there were an iphone app to handle upgrades. On a side not I bought a $40 adapter for the dock connector the reroutes the power pins so I can charge while plugged in. If anyone finds a solution please let me know via Twitter. Twitter.com/chrisohare
--Yoshino Mon Jun 4 09:33:56 2012

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