i'm stuck on ipad, 'cause ipad's stuck on me
klREz2 Cool! You have answered. I'll take a quote! The meaning of life and everything else. Decided. No kidding!....
--buy cheap oem software Sat Feb 11 15:44:54 2012
um.. they wont have flash! tlheyl? have apple’s flash player ‘QuickTime’(all iOS devices have it already)
--Sofia Sat Feb 11 22:31:18 2012
hoCUyQ This is one awesome blog post. Great.
--Buy Cheap OEM Software Wed Mar 7 14:02:25 2012
I've watched you for aiwhle and have gone through all of your dated trades. Nice stuff man Im with you I want to short like crazy but Im also looking at long straddles. Any thoughts on that? Its been aiwhle since I've traded and I never did options so I dont understand the unlimited risk aspect Im thinking if I do a long straddle and get out a few days before expiration with an option with serious volumn then I dont have to be too concerned about unlimited risk or am I wrong on that? Im mostly not looking to do what your doing Im looking for reverse butterflies so its covered on each end and/or a long stock trade covered by some puts on the options etc.Any thoughts expertise please man your the dude I've talked to my friends about you.Your awesome that thing about APPL going from a penny to 2.5 is epic everyone droped their mouths on that one. It was epic.
--Henrieta Sat Aug 11 18:26:47 2012

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