on making games
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--oem software Sat Feb 11 14:03:52 2012
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I purchased this cable and wall aeatpdr to use with an additional Touchstone for my Palm Pre. It's a little more expensive than some of the USB cables out there, but there are so many mixed reviews on them working with the Touchstone that I figured it was a safer bet. I was pleased when it arrived that the cable is not like the one pictured, but it is identical to the cable included with the Pre (minus the attached rubber cable tie). It fits right into the Touchstone with no alterations needed (I've read some reviews where the plastic had to be shaved off to fit). After plugging into the wall aeatpdr it was good to go and charging perfectly!
--Carlos Sun Aug 12 09:07:23 2012
That's a knowing anwesr to a difficult question
--Lanette Thu Apr 11 19:49:32 2013

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