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VH8ir3 I must admit, the webmaster is a cool guy..!!
--Buy oem Software Sat Feb 11 17:02:47 2012
nLYF8L Awesome post.Much thanks again.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 17:00:49 2012
Hi Michelle. I am so glad that I pinned this post and then aclaluty followed through with reading it! Two years ago I ran/walked my first and only half marathon (Seaside). I am married to a triathlete, and after watching him cross the finish line I decided I wanted to accomplish something like that myself. Since I'm not a swimmer or cyclist, I set my sights on a half! I trained for months and watched my endurance go from not even running a mile to completing 9 miles at a time. I felt so proud and was charting my race to be just under three hours. UNTIL Two weeks before my race I found out I was pregnant. We were not trying, and the only way I knew was because my training tanked! as in couldn't even run 1/4 mile without resting. Well, I did my race anyway, and finished in a very disappointing (to me my husband was incredibly proud) 3:38. I felt so defeated that I didn't even get a picture with my medal after the race. I now have a beautiful, happy little boy, and haven't run since. I think I'm finally ready to invest in myself again, and your plan for walking a half looks like just the right prescription for me. Thank you for putting it out there for all of us who don't quite know where to start!
--Sarah Sun Apr 14 09:23:39 2013

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