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U6XU11 Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Want more.
--Microsoft OEM Software Wed Mar 7 14:02:03 2012
I bought this as a means to cost-effectively to re-build my sstyem. It installed without any problems. I chose the full format' instead of the quick format' at the very beginning. Be warned, this takes about an 1.5 hours! The HD is a WD 320 GB 7200 RPM EIDE with 8 MB cache. I wonder if the quick install' would have gone quicker? Anyway, after that format, the OS was ready to go in less than 30 minutes. There were a lot of updates (75 or so). And you will manually have to update to IE 7 and WMP 11.0 if that is of interest to you. Oh and don't forget to install the drivers for the MB. I could not get updates until I installed the drivers for the ethernet. I have not tried the Vista update and may hold off for a bit. The form was in the package for the upgrade. For my other machines, XP has been better than their previous OS versions I have used. I don't know what the differences are for the retail version versus this OEM version. This is the full install with a key for authentication. The only difference is the money you will save with this OEM. And I don'y see the major differences between Home and Pro editions. For me Home and Pro seems the same. Early on, I heard Pro was better (or more stable) than Home. I don't think it matters anymore. I docked it one star for the potential security problems and the authentication stuff. All in all, I am pleased with the purchase. And I am a satisfied Amazon customer (and their affiliate Tigerdirect).
--Zacky Tue Apr 24 04:04:48 2012

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