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jqBXn2 I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...
--Discount OEM Software Wed Mar 7 17:00:51 2012
HOME NETWORK CHATTERHi. Quick question There has got to be some kind of well-written, easy-to-use frrewaee (or a few different programs that can be used to get different partial views of what I'm looking for) that can listen to the chatter on my home network and figure out:** what-all devices are attached (even if the device is being stingy about letting others know it is on the network) ** determine which device(s) is/are the biggest chatterboxes ** tell which device is talking to which other device  and why  and what it's saying to the other device  or what it wants from the other device ** put into layman's terms what all the traffic is ** be able to summarize the the transmissions in addition to providing each transmission (and still putting each into layman's terms)** be able to work on XP and VistaMy home network has SO MUCH CHATTER on it it is rediculous! I have a cat5 network storage device and the ntwk light is blinking constantly and the drive light is also blinking as well so there's something wierd going on there.I think my wireless printer is also talking up a storm as well. I think all this BS chatter is slowing down the meaningful traffic and reducing the throughput.Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
--Sadegh Wed Mar 14 12:55:12 2012

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