grace hopper is my hero
Hi,I just wanted to say how much I enojyed your post on Grace Hopper. I would have loved to meet her. I met Anita Borg at a conference, she was inspirational. I've tried hard since then to be a resource to women in computing. And as a faculty member, I've felt I had even more opportunities to embrace diversity. Thanks, it's been one of the things I've enojyed the most.As a european, I've also noticed that it's not always the same when I travel in the continent. I've been in far too many academic settings where I've been the only woman (a project meeting with 20 academics, classes). I find that awkward and sad. It feels very unusual, I honestly feel quite strange when I am alone in my gender. And its sad because I think diversity does bring precisely the type of intellectual rewards that you note.As a British woman, growing up during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and while Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, I know from personal experience that I didn't rule out possibilities of what I might accomplish as a woman. Women leading was just the way it was
--Barbara Wed Mar 14 17:57:55 2012

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