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Since you are referring to a FunPass, I am gsseuing you are sailing on a Carnival cruise.Each cruise terminal is different but the biggest priority is to get the guests checked-in.The agents did not verify if the addresses on my ID or my guests (19 others ).As you enter the cruise terminal, you will be approached by porters that will take your luggage that you want to check. You will proceed to through a security check point where your carry-on luggage will be sent through an x-ray machine. Bags are searched on a random basis. You will be asked to proceed through a metal detector before you approach the check in desk.We have never tried to sneak in liquor but you will likely get caught if you try to hide it in your carry on luggage. They typically don't put too much energy into searching the checked luggage.  However, they handle this luggage very roughly. You run the risk of having glass bottles broken.
--Franck Mon Jun 4 17:10:38 2012

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