batman's climbin' the walls
I think there definitely shuold have been more Christian Bale in the movie, but at the same time, the story didn't need it. Everything about that storyline was amazing. I think it actually makes it better to focus on the Joker's points and Dent's fall from grace, and that whole thing was just SO. INCREDIBLY. POETIC. But I'm still sad at less Batman/Wayne. =(The disappearing pencil trick was my favorite scene. I have a pretty sick sense of humor, but I thought it went into his eye socket and my friend thought the Joker used the guy's head to hammer it into the table. Either way, OUCH. I like the fact that Batman has a different voice, for storyline reasons, but I think it bordered on too much in this film. It didn't bother me in the first one, though, so, I dunno. I just know that I can't do that without sounding like an idiot. The catwoman thing--someone pointed it out to me, and I think it's a perfect setup. I'd love to see how the Nolans wrote it, if they do, and also I think the more hard-core fans deserve better than Halle Barry's (even though I myself had no problems with it). I think it's also going to be interesting to see if the "villains" might hint that the Joker is still working in the background. I think they are going to get some Batgirl- or Catwoman-type thing going on in the next film, not necessarily because they killed off the Love Interest but because they killed off the female lead. But poor Bruce, I wanted to hug him when Rachel died. =( And Dent, too, when he was screaming "NO, NO, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SAVE MEEEE" =C oh sadfaces.I think, possibly because I just reread American Gods this summer, but I think that my favorite bit of poetry in the film is Dent's coin. As the White Knight he's cheating, he's making his own luck, but he's doing good. Then--I'm still kind of lost as to what happens to him with the Joker in the hospital, because every time the Joker walked on I was just toally entranced by how silly he was--he gives in to chaos because its fair, and though his coin is still double-headed, there's the light side, and the dark side. And the dark side, he shoots Batman. The light side, he doesn't shoot himself. And the coin lands light side up for Gordon's son, though whether that's supposed to mean "he would have lived" or "Batman just saved his ass", I'm not sure. But I still think it's absolutely brilliantly beautiful.
--Alexandr Thu Mar 7 03:45:33 2013

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