guess who's gettin' hitched??
--/\/ick Wed Jun 13 02:40:10 2012
As an attempt to revitalize and invigorate the comment section, I would like to add some thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything. The kind of thoughts that put those things in perspective, as seen through the lens of matrimony. The perspective that assures you that having selected your ship together, it is now simply a matter of charting your way to your choice of stars. I would like my words to serve as confirmation that your confidence is well placed, your trust deserved, and your joined future is bright. In short, I wanted to write the greatest wedding announcement reply in the world. 

But this is not the greatest wedding announcement reply in the world,no. This is just a tribute...

----EB Thu Jun 14 05:36:56 2012
Thanks EB! That's a lot of metaphors!
(Later EB explained this is a reference to Tenacious D's "Tribute" song)
--Kirk Thu Jun 14 11:50:30 2012
Awesome. Congratulations!
--The_Lex Thu Jun 14 19:25:17 2012
--LAN3 Mon Jun 18 11:49:45 2012
We fell in love with you on the first day too! We knew you would fit in with our crazy friends and fliamy the minute we met you and as soon as we saw your portfolio and your style we knew we wanted to hire you right away. I remember you saying that you had a missed call on your phone from me in just the time it took for you to take the subway home after meeting us! I had no interest in meeting with anyone else and I'll always be so grateful that for that decision because it was one of the best I've ever made. These pictures are simply stunning and everything I hoped for and more. Each shot has a story and/or captures a moment and that is so exactly what I wanted. Aside from being so incredibly talented, you are truly a wonderful person and so cool and fun to hang out with that everyone at the wedding was raving about you. I mean, seriously, even my 15 year old niece was talking about how cool you were and how much she liked you and if you know anything about 15 year old girls, they hate EVERYONE, seriously, EVERYONE. lol. In short, the pictures are amazing, you are amazing, the day was amazing, and both Jeff and I are so grateful and we are really looking forward to seeing you again soon. Cheers to new friends!!! XOXOMuch love,Corinne
--Lauren Thu Apr 4 15:30:23 2013

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