W.O.E. is me
The lame old argument "Why does food that's bad for you taste so good and food that's good..." is bullshit. The more healthy and unprocessed food you eat, the more your body wants it, and not that junk food garbage.
--Bill the Splut Fri Aug 24 19:59:28 2012
Well, I do think we can artificially make superfoods that provoke superhigh levels of response in the fatty and sweet (and other) categories, and they do taste great. (From what I know of you I think you don't have the sweet / fatty tooth that some folks do.) But yeah, your body gets in a mode of being spoiled for taste, and also identifying those intense flavors with cheap, easy-to-digest calories.

Still, I think my body is a bit neurotic about getting cut off from calorie sources, and slowly digesting stuff like beans fools it and lets it relax.
--Kirk Sat Aug 25 08:51:27 2012

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