i spy spy pond
hey man, if the bass are swimming up to your lure then they are iesnretted in the lure, they just might not be too keen on the action they might think that it doesnt look too natural. change up the presentation a little add a little twitch or faster retreive or slow it up some give that a whirle. and i will tell you a lure that a lot of people turn their nose up at (pretty much because they think that it is a gimmic and dont want to give it a chance) the banjo minnow. i have had bass pound on this lure when nothing else will work. this coming weekend i am going to a pond that i havent been to in years and years and i bet that i will fill the live well with the banjo. man i hope that helps you a bit good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experienceMyself and a' FEW years
--Yuni Sat Apr 6 06:16:47 2013

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