He was an amazing man who lived his life loving his family. He took me in and shared with me a few years of life. He taught me much about being a true friend, uncle, brother-in-law, father, and loving and devoted husband.

His enthusiasm for literature, science, architecture, history, politics, philosophy, and technology, and host of other pursuits can best be summed up by a slogan on one of his sweatshirts, "So many books,so little time."

He loved you all and did everything he could to bring laughter and joy to your lives.

I believe that he will be watching over us and guiding us for all time.

I will miss him dearly.
--Joshua Halsband Tue Nov 6 23:56:40 2012
Thank you, Kirk, for providing this space for a tribute to a wonderful man.
--Joshua Tue Nov 6 23:58:22 2012
Condolences, itís double tough to lose an idol.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Nov 7 08:33:26 2012

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