playlist june 2013
I have managed to not like the majority of DjBc's stuff, sadly. I really like the video for "Bounce" and the bhangra elements to the song, but I hate her voice.

I may be in a negative mood, though. Also I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be troubled by the cultural appropriation issues in "Bounce", or if I get a pass for being a PoC. If I get to pick, I choose to just like the costumes and choreography.
--C Tue Jul 2 12:59:57 2013
For me the Beastles has been diminishing returns; the first album I gave 6 3-stars, 2-4s, and a 5 (Tripper Trouble), Let It Beast had 3-3 stars for me, and Ill Submarine has one 3 star. And someone has said that "music minus vocals plus rap vocals" is the lowest form of Mashup... but when it works, it's a kick. (Frankly it probably started with low hanging fruit and its been a grind since then)

Being entrapped on my fluffy cloud of white privilege, I don't have authorization to grant Bounce a pass, but it seemed to be enjoying the elements in a straight forward way, not mocking or anything. 
--Kirk Tue Jul 2 14:13:01 2013

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