Guess where ol' kirky's getting a mention
--Nick Wed Jan 8 06:18:10 2014
Cool, I had almost forgotten about that!
--Kirk Wed Jan 8 10:13:32 2014
Unfortunately it never really panned out because the artist didn't let us do much with it, but still something to put on my portfolio and namedrop a certain capt'n. I'm going to see about getting TRoH back on the web if possible, I think he let the domain lapse. Also I've got a techy research project this year, hopefully I will be able to call upon your skills like I did back in 2011 and hook you up with some more university dough.
--Nick Wed Jan 8 10:18:35 2014
Cool, lemme know
--Kirk Wed Jan 8 12:49:39 2014

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