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Veteran game show host Bob Barker is stepping down from hosting The Price is Right after 35 years.
--Jaylen Slater Mon Jul 30 17:40:59 2007
bruary because I freaked out the night before about the prospect of having children in a couple years. This freak out cost me the sick day that I accumulated in January and lost the accumulated sick day from February, so in March, when I took a day off for being sick, I wonder if that will get taken off of my paycheck or something. I doubt that, though, I just do. . .I can always make up time during the weekend.

Then there's also the issue that my office is completely UNDERSTAFFED!
--Mr. Lex Tue Mar 29 12:51:04 2005
Whew, Evil B, that's like 2+ entries in one! To quote the Rocky Trainer in that old claymation commercial for Lipton "Brisk" iced tea..."Save summa dat for da sequel!!!"


Let me know today (Tuesday) about Thursday, ok?
--Kirk Tue Mar 29 13:08:27 2005