sidebar 2005.04.06
Technically Evil B we don't know if anyone else has read the site since like Sunday...

And I had just gotten done w/ the loveblender, so my mediocre poetry sensors were already overworked.
--Kirk Wed Apr 6 11:04:42 2005
ok, it was very crappy poetry! so the answer appears to be a) kirk's readers are unutterably polite. hey, i've put up my fair share of sidebars! someone else's turn.
--FoSO Wed Apr 6 11:30:24 2005
Okay, how do you get a sidebar put up? I can write something....hell, i've got more than enough of my own awful poetry if it comes to that :-D
--Catherine Wed Apr 6 16:44:19 2005
Sidebar is an "invitation only" kind of deal, and I just added you in and sent out the invite.

Beau and Max have done a few, but havent heard a lot from Candi, Erin Maru, LAN3, Lex, Nick, Sawers, or YELAS or YELM. Dylan and Sarah are both still pouting that it's no longer just his or just theirs, respectively.
--Kirk Wed Apr 6 17:13:06 2005
evil b: *cough* please no more poetry... thanks. 

--aparajita Wed Apr 6 19:45:18 2005
I thought verbosity would make up for frequency. Guess not.
--Mr. Lex Thu Apr 7 10:11:22 2005
Nah, short and sweet and often are the keys/ :-)
--Kirk Thu Apr 7 12:07:54 2005
Evil B: I know you have many talents and gifts....but I read your poetry offering and just had to ask "What?". But thanks for the effort anyway.
--KELM Fri Apr 8 11:23:39 2005
Grocery List for tomorrow
A life better than this
--Star of David Fri Apr 8 13:20:11 2005