sidebar 2005.04.11
Yah--it's only in the past couple of years that I've become more observant about the difference in character of light between Winter and the rest of the year. I've been meaning to either find or construct a graph to, with the days of the year on the horizontal axis, and sunrise/sunset on a 24 hours graph on the vertical. Is it like a big sin wave over the course of the year, or what?
--Kirk Mon Apr 11 12:31:28 2005
Heh, sin->sine--I thought I got confused by the math/computer notation, e.g. sin(x)
--Kirk Mon Apr 11 12:32:18 2005
--Mr. Lex Mon Apr 11 16:42:45 2005
Erin, it's all about priorities...
--Kirk Mon Apr 11 17:19:45 2005