sidebar 2005.04.26
Ohhhh chess, I wish I had time to read up on strategy more than I have. I must get on task and finish the thesis that I've been working on for six or seven years!
--Mr. Lex Wed Apr 27 09:37:46 2005
I'm sure she could kick my ass at this point. My only strategy is "try to 'control' the center of the board" and I never have enough patience to do enough look ahead. Usually I move a good piece, feel smug for a moment, then have a knight come outta no where and kick that piece's ass.
--Kirk Wed Apr 27 10:06:26 2005
Glad you are able to enjoy such a wonderful game with your wife. I used to play a lot when I was younger and really miss the strategy and challenge of the game.
--Beau Wed Apr 27 12:37:19 2005
Beau was a kick-butt chess player... it's funny, in a lot of things scholarly and/or academic I had an edge, but Beau blew me away in both musicianship (I think 'cause he...well, "practiced") and chess. Luckily, tuba is generally easier than trumpet and I didn't actually *have* to play chess.
--Kirk Wed Apr 27 14:07:59 2005
I think "had an edge" is a little modest. You have forgotten more that I will ever know.
--Beau Fri Apr 29 22:02:54 2005