sidebar 2005.05.14
"Fall not in love, therefore; it will stick to your face."--Deteriorata

Jokes aside, sorry if things ain't swinging your way.

--Kirk Sat May 14 15:58:58 2005
Meh, I shouldn't use your sidebar for personal moping, should I? I started to write something, realised I had nothing to say, and wrote that instead. Still, you can all enjoy some schadenfreude instead :-D
--Catherine Sun May 15 04:29:17 2005
Hey, I'll take short pithy and enigmatic over long, excessivley-drawn-out, and over-explained any day. Both are self indulgent in their own way, but the former takes less time to read :-)
--Kirk Sun May 15 20:17:32 2005
So. . .that's how it is. =D
--Mr. Lex Mon May 16 12:21:40 2005
Hey, but I'll take excessively-drawn-out and over-explained over nothing ANY any day...don't let me discourage you too much! I just feel bad when I don't post a lot here and the sidebar dwarfs the main content...
--Kirk Mon May 16 12:49:46 2005
No worries. Just poking fun. In the end, this kind of informal guideline for me will provide a good challenge.
--Mr. Lex Mon May 16 12:59:26 2005
Wrote this in an angsty old notebook filled with teenage sophomorisms. 

Instructions to a teenager:

1. Fall in love. 
2. Then fall out of love.
3. Then forget.
4. Repeat.

----EB Mon May 16 15:53:50 2005
Hey EB, "Instructions to a Teenager" should go on the loveblender! Do you want me to enter it for you?
--Kirk Mon May 16 17:23:16 2005
Go ahead, call me for how I want the attribution to go.
----EB Tue May 17 18:26:48 2005
Oh, jeezie petes dude, I didn't realize this was Evil B! I thought you were a different EB 'til you implied I know your phone number.

Trying to escape the badguyness of your nomee de web?
--Kirk Tue May 17 18:36:18 2005
Y'know, you're not stuck to one nom du web. I'm diferent everywhere I go....
*make your own obvious and ever so slightly rude but basically asking to be made comment here*
--Catherine Wed May 18 10:10:17 2005
What, like asking what the other names are?

I don't groke the multiple identities thing, some people play with that on the loveblender. I'm either kisrael or kirkjerk where ever I go, and I like that those are mapped to my real name.
--Kirk Wed May 18 11:10:17 2005