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Speaking of Eurovision...
--Candi Sun May 22 22:08:09 2005
I guess we had Star Search and American Idol, but the US being the US, we gave it to the rest of the world. . .. Then again, I guess it's not as professional as Eurovision.
--Mr. Lex Sun May 22 23:43:18 2005
American Idol was just "Pop Idol" or something, in the other countries first, right?

It probably says something that the only American "equivalents" of Eurovision are all individual and not group based.

I was in Germany and England during Eurovision 2003...I remember people mocking TaTU for having shirts labeling them as #1 and then coming in #3.
--Kirk Mon May 23 12:19:58 2005
I saw a picture of tons of people gathering for some kind of Eurovision event. I guess you're right. We don't have anything like Eurovision in the US.
--Mr. Lex Mon May 23 17:16:05 2005
Two links of further description: is probably the best read and general intro, but had a few extra details
--Kirk Mon May 23 17:20:47 2005
Yeah, American idol was Pop Idol over here...we gave you Simon Cowell! (I think....sarky, incredibly high waistband).

You're missing out without Eurovision. It's a wonder and a joy to behold.
--Catherine Mon May 23 18:40:57 2005
BTW, I think here, in the States, we call the "Eurodisco" types "Eurotrash."
--Mr. Lex Tue May 24 09:40:23 2005