sidebar 2005.05.24
Quite often you can ring up the city council and they'll either come and pick them up or tell you where you can take them (politely, that is!). Or you could do a tinterweb search for facilities in your area? 
--Catherine Tue May 24 11:04:05 2005
Frustratingly, I believe it's actually illegal to throw away alkaline batteries, but difficult to dispose of them properly. At least I'm pretty sure that's the case in Medford.
--Max Tue May 24 12:20:47 2005
Practically, I think a lot of people think "dispose of properly" means "in the garbage" and not "I dunno, throw it into a fire or something".
--Kirk Tue May 24 12:31:20 2005
Thanks for the tips, everyone!
--Mr. Lex Wed May 25 18:10:38 2005