sidebar 2005.06.12
I know it's kind of a case of "familiarity breeds content", but they do make my favorite UI. I think they leapfrogged Mac with Windows 95 and, partially because it's what my fingers and subconcious are accustomed to, it's still what I prefer.


I wouldn't expect any major company to be pro-revolutionary in favor of the current regime.
--Kirk Sun Jun 12 21:50:34 2005
I think if you can live without Quicken or MS Money (particularly their online banking features) and are okay with occasionally being a little behind with the latest thing in hardware or features, you'll be fine in a MS-less environment. I have my gripes about some of the MS clone software out there, but it's really my dependence on Quicken and the fact that I teach MS products for a living that keep me on Windows.
--Max Mon Jun 13 12:13:41 2005
Tyrant-appeasement is the cost of staying to do business. I avoid CNN for the same reason.

Not that they make a violin small enough, but it goes to show that companies are no more free than the people they sell to under such regimes.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 13 15:08:01 2005's not even illegal to use those words! There's no *actual* reason for MS to do it! And you can put the words in anyway in the actual blog, or things like 'fr33d00m', so it really is just a pointless token gesture. Which just deepens my contempt for them even more, spineless mofos.

I have never used Quicken, although I like the name. It make me think of babies, or possibly Highlander.
--Catherine Mon Jun 13 20:43:54 2005
It's not illegal, no, but it'll draw attention to your activities, just like making an overseas phone call and talking about bombs and Bin Laden will do for you.

MS: We Effect the Chill FOR YOU!
--LAN3 Thu Jun 16 15:28:19 2005