sidebar 2005.06.21
Actually, witty observations and situational humor isn't really the term for it...I think "random anecdotes" is more what I liked about the original sidebar by Dylan. But you're doing fine.
--Kirk Tue Jun 21 10:11:28 2005
Honestly, I've been feeling a little intimidated to write anything in the sidebar lately.
--Mr. Lex Tue Jun 21 18:03:35 2005
Intimidated? Why? Just 'cause I picked on a verbose one? Or because Beau's been posting some weighty topics lately? Neither should stop you!
--Kirk Tue Jun 21 18:56:48 2005
The only thing weighty about me is the increase around my belt line!
--Beau Tue Jun 21 22:38:58 2005
The topics.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 22 09:24:00 2005
Don't sweat it...while I appreciate Beau's willingness to talk about some deep things, trivial banalities and goofy stuff are the sidebars raison d'etre.
--Kirk Wed Jun 22 11:52:19 2005