sidebar 2005.06.25
Pretty please with SUGAR on top?
--Kirk Sun Jun 26 02:51:37 2005
--Mr. Lex Sun Jun 26 13:50:14 2005
Actually, since you repeat public 3 times, you think that's the big deal? I think private messages would sound even whinier. And doing nothing but hoping isn't always productive either...
--Kirk Mon Jun 27 02:54:17 2005
Oh, be warned....I am considering "leading my example". Which is lame, since sidebars were meant to be other voices, but besides being examples of what I'd like to see, it would also let me put down these brief observations that I find in much greater quantity in my old Palm journal than itself.
--Kirk Mon Jun 27 03:05:44 2005
I guess I always prefer the "Hey, man, I like that. It would be something that works well on the sidebar on my BLOG. Why don't you post something like that there?" Or "Hey, you remember when you did that something or the other? I think something like that would be cool on the sidebar on my BLOG." I'm thinking of something personal and ego-stoking like that. =D
--Mr. Lex Mon Jun 27 09:21:17 2005
Well I do that as well, but that's more reactive than proactive, 'cause I need to see something someone does first.
--Kirk Mon Jun 27 11:23:04 2005