sidebar 2005.07.03
I don't much care about the perfect curly-q. I do try and use as little toothpaste as possible (pretty cheap).
--Beau Sun Jul 3 23:42:38 2005
for what it is worth... you've never used the word kiwi either. so bored i played with several words before i found this out... took me less than 2 mins.

i need a life.
--aparajita Mon Jul 4 18:21:29 2005
Frustration as a result of imperfect curly-q-ing....that's a curious experience. I wonder if that had a relationship to game winning or even to goal setting?
--YELM Tue Jul 5 15:40:41 2005
Well, it wasn't THAT big of a deal. Game winning / goal setting has more to do with my unhappy need to let me knocked over my personal "smartest kid around" pedastal, the old 'better to give it a half-hearted effort and fail than a full effor' -- because then you're more aware of your limitations, and you might not even have a backup plan.
--Kirk Tue Jul 5 16:19:50 2005