sidebar 2005.07.06
Amen to that. For me, at least currently, ideal vacations would be kicking around at home, catching up on various projects and not beholden to any schedule beyond that. This trip to Chicago and the weekend in Joisey were great, but I'm feeling more swamped now than I was before.
--Kirk Wed Jul 6 11:54:02 2005
Kirk - Glad to hear you got home ok.
--yelas Wed Jul 6 12:32:11 2005
Personally, I wouldn't mind holing up in a cabin with my writing, possible other projects and my girlfriend then just work on the writing and projects while spending "off time" with the girlfriend.

To some degree, that's also my vision of paradise, except maybe with the freedom of hanging out with other people every once in awhile without the compulsion of hanging out with them.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 12:42:35 2005
Yeah, but for me, the cabin doesn't add anything, just takes me away from most of my friends and also makes Internet access more suspect :-)
--Kirk Wed Jul 6 12:49:20 2005
Don't need the Internet for my work. And the cabin in the woods allows for quiet and solitude for better thought and helps to get rid of that compulsion to be social. At least, for me. Oh yeah, I would have the cell phone turned off.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 13:25:03 2005
Oh. . .you're probably talking about the permaneant paradise, not the perfect vacation.

As for he permaneant paradise, I guess I'd like the cabin with other cabins inhabited by friends along with a "mess hall" in the woods. As for Internet reliability, up at college in the mountains of Vermont, we had pretty reliable Internet from a T1 connection.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 13:26:47 2005