sidebar 2005.07.08
So what's the deal? Don't understand Word's "Zoom" functionality? They should also know the trick of hitting ctrl-A, ctrl-C to copy the entire document and then pasting that into something like lose the formatting and images and what not but at least then you can be sure of being able to read the text.
--Kirk Fri Jul 8 11:22:09 2005
Or why not just change the font size? It's Word, not a PDF file.
--Mr. Lex Fri Jul 8 12:29:36 2005
Well the whole "The document is only readable after I print it" line makes me think it's not a font issue, otherwise the printout would have the same problems...
--Kirk Fri Jul 8 13:10:42 2005
Good point. Beau, maybe you should change setting on the document to display the document using printer metrics. We had that problem at my office a whole ton. To change the setting go to the Tools -> Option window, click on the Compatibility tab, scroll all the to the bottom of the list of settings then click on "Use printer metrics to lay out document." That fixed the issue at my office.
--Mr. Lex Fri Jul 8 13:14:54 2005
You guys are such geeks! :)
--ErinMaru Sat Jul 9 00:12:23 2005
almost sorry this got bundled w/ Beau's. 

I don't want to belittle what Londonders are going through, or do a 9/11 vs 7/7 pissing contest. But it seems to me that the scale of the attacks is...I don't know, almost manageable, all things considered. Really, at this stage anything that isn't nuclear, EMP, or significantly biological doesn't phase me that much. And I hope that this toughness, the same thing Londoners might've built up during after years dealing with IRA, will permeate our land, that we can maintain our compassion and concern and quell our fear.
--Kirk Sat Jul 9 00:25:21 2005
My prayers are with all of those that were effected by these attacks. Such a crazy world we live in.
--Beau Sat Jul 9 10:35:03 2005
Butch ... think I should buy that person a microscope so they can work with the document?
--Beau Sat Jul 9 12:55:11 2005
Have to admit that I feel kinda guilty about the cynical anger that I feel about 7/7 in London, anger at the governments, anger at the people in office, anger at Bush, anger at Blair, anger at terrorists of all types, anger at the structure of politics in the world, anger at the economics in the world, anger at me for not having the power to fix these things or to even start to try fixing them, anger at myself for if I did have the power, I may also try to force my vision on the world rather than do what's best, anger at human nature, etc. etc. Sometimes, I wish I could express sympathy as well as everyone else has been showing these days.

And yes. . .I am a geek, even though most of my geekness comes more from a how the #$%$#% do I do this thing so that I and everyone in the office can function and can print crap and look at the same document! Sometimes, I just get so angry at technology, computers, developers, etc. etc.

Maybe I'm just an angry person. . ..
--Mr. Lex Sat Jul 9 14:28:47 2005