sidebar 2005.07.15
It's the heat. all the sunshine makes you want to lie in sun and sleep. 
--ErinMaru Fri Jul 15 17:02:04 2005
Um, wouldn't "being weird" qualify as a possible "reason for this"?

On a related tangent, I'm intrigued with the idea that men might be following regular rhytms much like women's menstrual cycles, only it's more subtle even apart from there not being the obvious physical indicators. I guess that's what "biorhythms" tried to reflect, though it sounds like its been pretty debunked.
--Kirk Fri Jul 15 17:11:11 2005
Oh, you be quiet! =b

For about a month or so, I kept a journal of habits, foods, etc. etc. something of a psuedo-scientific study to see what altered my moods. It happened years and years ago, but I've found plenty of other reasons for my moods other than some monthly rhythm.
--Mr. Lex Fri Jul 15 17:38:50 2005
Weather and daylight cycles can definitely affect people's moods. Some people with Seasonal Affective Disorder are practically paralyzed with depression in the dark winter months. I don't have anything that extreme, but I do notice I'm far more energetic and productive after work during the summer than during the winter.
--Max Sat Jul 16 10:06:17 2005
The journal idea works great. I recently completed my analysis of this last year
and discovered a few things.

Video games:
1. make me more agitated and distracted until my next fix.
2. destroy my ability to do any lucid dreaming work.
3. have a huge positive feedback loop, the
more I play, the more I want to play.

1. Gives me stimulation for a 5 hour period
following consumption.
2. Makes me agitated for the subsequent 8 hours. 
3. Improves my athletic performance if consumed before hand. Effects 1 and 2 are less pronounced after exercise.

Other revelations are a bit more personal, but for the opiates of our age, I am willing to discuss.

----EB Sat Jul 16 10:09:28 2005
Interesting. Without doing any fancy journaling I'd say:
Video Games:
1. are fun and
2. often interesting
Lately I've been playing a lot less. Single player games I'll play ferociously until they're done, but my heart is still w/ multiplayer.

1. can wake me up a little
2. comes in things that taste great
3. stops me from getting caffeine headaches, addict that I am.
--Kirk Sat Jul 16 11:23:01 2005
For the caffeine part, depends on where I get the caffeine. Tea: unless I drink a lot, don't really notice. Soda: Feel a little more energetic and focused but really have to face agitation. Coffee: Gets me much more energetic and focused but also more agitated, shaky and gives me social anxiety issues.
--Mr. Lex Sat Jul 16 15:57:18 2005