sidebar 2005.07.22
I feel the Internet has lost its edge to me these days. I pretty much use it for e-mail, checking out BLOGs, getting news and buying stuff.

I remember, back in the day, I would engage into some pretty amazing discussions on the Newsgroups. Even though, I guess I've begun some networking for cool discussions on Friendster, so I guess a lot depends on how we use it. Too bad, these days, I have to use it and computers for work. . .. =(
--Mr. Lex Sat Jul 23 16:18:28 2005
LAN3, I gotta say...capitalizing BLOG seems like a weird affectation.

I remember in 1998 or so I got a new businesscard telling me I was a "WEB programmer", like "WEB" was some kind of crazy new acronym....
--Kirk Sun Jul 24 00:41:01 2005