sidebar 2005.08.01
How "dead" are they? I know that sometimes guys who work at The Salvation Army donation centers can revive a whole bunch of things. If it is truly dead ... then I say trash it. Around here we need to put it in the bottom of the garbage can because they are sensitive about throwing computer equipment away.
--Beau Mon Aug 1 23:22:38 2005
Please call your town hall to find out if they offer recycling days for electronics or if they can refer you to some place that does. Tossing these things in the garbage is really bad news for the environment. Lead and mercury are fairly toxic if not disposed of properly. Most electronic comonents contain one or the other.

However, if you can find a place that is willing to rehabilitate such items, make a donation out of them.

----EB Tue Aug 2 02:33:03 2005
Well. . .they don't work for me. I guess I can try to find somewhere to donate for rehabilitation. HAve any good places to start looking?
--Mr. Lex Tue Aug 2 09:22:23 2005
EB ... Just so you don't think I am totally insensitive ... I tried calling the local government office & it was impossible to get an answer from them where to dispose of such items. Then I tried the waste disposal company and they said they didn't take them & to call City Hall. After two or three times of "run around" I just got fed up.
--Beau Tue Aug 2 09:22:36 2005 and craigslist are both good for ridding yoursself of dubious items.
--Cordelia Tue Aug 2 10:15:34 2005