sidebar 2005.08.18
I hear what you're saying...on the other hand, there is such a thing as "broken windows syndrome", where small sins against homogenity in home repair end up helping the community slight right into cleetusville, and that has a negative impact on what is some folk's primary investment, their home.

I'm not saying there's not a happy medium or here, or that that medium isn't closer to the casualness you were expecting, but still...
--Kirk Thu Aug 18 19:13:26 2005
It's true, community standards at some point need to be enforced. But not by the cops. They should be catching rapists. Also, they should not be able to tresspass and cite things that are not visible to anyone but me. If there is a community association or tennants association telling me no broken windows because you can see them from the road, then fine. Though it is all a bit of a shock moving from "Live Free Or Die" country
--Mr. Ibis Fri Aug 19 13:12:20 2005
Wow! That's intense. From my experience as an insurance agent, I thought it was the insurance industry and the mortgage industry that enforced good care of your home!

It sure would make my job easier if cops around here forced people to keep better care of their homes!
--Mr. Lex Fri Aug 19 14:18:12 2005