sidebar 2005.08.28
I was wondering about that. And all the above ground graves. Will they all simply float away? And their ancient (by today's standards) waterway systems of locks and levees. What a horror!
--YELAS Sun Aug 28 13:14:14 2005
Good point. That's some scary stuff.

Watching some TV weather, it reminds me I always have trouble visually parsing the spikey line they use for "cold front"...I can never remember if they're "icicles" in a cold blue or "sun rays" from a blue sky, or something.
--Kirk Mon Aug 29 00:30:33 2005
It's pretty crazy! But they've had plenty of warning over the years of what could happen, and some close calls recently. The Special Weather Statement that was released sounds like a Nostradmus prediction or something.
--Candi Mon Aug 29 12:10:10 2005
Have to give most of them credit for pretty much have the stoicism and austerity to handle. . ."Ahhh, it'll be nothing. We have to deal with this stuff all the time". . .unless I'm thinking of the wrong area.
--Mr. Lex Mon Aug 29 12:24:41 2005
You received *my height* of rain in ONE HOUR??


I honestly can't imagine that.

(maybe not quite speechless then! :) )
--Catherine Tue Aug 30 15:47:13 2005
Err, I think that's more like six inches in an hour not six feet. And I think he even used the inch marks correctly...just a little odd to use decimal with inches, I guess.
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 16:02:39 2005