sidebar 2005.09.03
Hey thanks guys!

I'm not sure if I described it correctly, I don't think my 20 is supposed to be such a model for the people, but on the other hand, it's kind of natural and organic if it happens that way.

Feel free to espouse your views even playing the family card. Sure it's silly to blame Bush for the hurricane itself, but the siphoning off of funds and resources (necesary if you agree Iraq is neccesary, otherwise an obvious waste), the ignored earlier reports along with the claim that this was unforseen, the seemingly sluggish and muted federal response to an event that, in effect, isn't much different than a major terrorist attack, the seeming failure to graps that it's not just NO, but the entire gulf port function at there that much to admire in Bush's handling of this?
--Kirk Sun Sep 4 13:06:58 2005