sidebar 2005.09.15
Possibly. . .took me about 15 to 30 seconds to figure out how you could (mis)read it.
--Mr. Lex Thu Sep 15 17:20:46 2005
Another favorite question of mine was...
"Visualize a person cut in half."

you then ask if the cut was vertical or horizontal. The horizontal cut seems more..well, "realistic", or possible to happen in real life in a tragic accident. Or dragon attack, whatever. But for me and my brain, that wouldn't be "in half", since the two halves would be compleley different.

--Kirk Thu Sep 15 17:53:19 2005
I would normally think of having them cut vertically, personally.
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 16 14:19:33 2005
Well, when I posed this back in 1997, I got the results

waist: gerry bob david john paul llara bjorn
lengthwise: me rebekah lena
--Kirk Fri Sep 16 15:26:58 2005
now i've flip-flopped to waist. hm.
--FoSO Fri Sep 16 16:04:31 2005
Wow, man. . .you've put a lot of thought into this one.
--Mr. Lex Sat Sep 17 17:15:26 2005