sidebar 2005.10.01
I don't see the appeal but that doesn't make me gag like the thought of white bread dunked in ketchup does. That's an East Texan/Appalachian treat, I hear.
--Misti Sun Oct 2 04:30:58 2005
eeeeew! you may tell her i said so. ;)
--FoSO Sun Oct 2 11:57:18 2005
Hmm...white bread in ketchup doesn't seem so of my nostalgic favorites was my grandma's meatloaf the next day, on whitebread, with enough ketchup to have an effect on the texture of the bread...though I guess without the meatloaf it would be pretty blah.
--Kirk Sun Oct 2 12:29:32 2005
Well, some people like ketchup on their hamburgers and the buns are white bread, sometimes with sesame seeds. I'm weird, though...I always order my burgers and Subway sandwiches dry. No condiments whatsoever. Just salt.
--Misti Sun Oct 2 15:55:54 2005
Ksenia says that my wanting to put A1 on rice, just those 2, is just as bad. Agree, disagree?
--Kirk Sun Oct 2 22:36:11 2005
I've never tried that combo but it doesn't sound bad at all. I love rice drenched in soy sauce.
--Misti Mon Oct 3 00:45:01 2005
A1 on rice doesn't sound bad at all, but, i have a huge aversion to ketchup on a burger or eggs. icky. kethchup goes on fries and fried potatoes and meatloaf. however, a friend of mine eats ketchup on or in basically everything inclusive of peas, beans, corn and a myriad of other gross combinations.

i also have nostalgic memories of meatloaf sandwiches the next day. my mom made the best meatloaf i've ever had to this day. but, i do remember scraping some or most of the ketchup off. i also remember putting kethchup IN chili when i was a kid. too gross to believe now though.
--aparajita Mon Oct 3 01:34:12 2005
That's the first we used soy sauce (the stuff that's prespiked with a bit of ginger), which Ks liked, but then I wanted something a bit heartier, and Ks though that the A1 was very gross, though to me the two aren't that different--though A1 has the thicker texture, maybe that's it.

Ketchup on eggs now seems a bit gross, though I think I used to love it. I guess I can't see why ketchup on meatloaf is ok, but on burgers is not--meatloaf seems like a more seasoned and differently textured burger.

Ketchup is kind of weird because it doesn't read as "sweet" to me at all 'til I think about it. It completly evades my usual "shun sweet plus savory" sensors.
--Kirk Mon Oct 3 12:58:11 2005