sidebar 2005.10.20
I remember those! Good times, good times.
--Kirk Thu Oct 20 19:59:59 2005
haha, yeah it seemed like kirk was beginning to have a monopoly (kirkopoly?) on his front page space.
--rosser Fri Oct 21 00:06:41 2005
Chatting with former Co-Sole-Sidebarer Sarah, she suggested I try making the sidebar exclusive for one person for a limited time, like a month or something.

I thought some people might be into the idea...especially if there's an option of rebranding it as a miniblog, with the understanding that it can be either "bits from my life" or "stuff I've found online". LAN3 did a fine job with something like the latter when he took over the mainblog last summer.

What do you think? I really didn't like being the sole sidebar poster, though it was kind of nice as a return to thse small observations I used to have a lot of in my semi-private (now public) Palm journal, but not so much for most of kisrael's run...
--Kirk Fri Oct 21 10:23:23 2005
Sounds like an interesting idea, Kirk.

And you know how difficult Kirkopoly is. . .!
--Mr. Lex Fri Oct 21 13:05:47 2005