sidebar 2005.10.27
Yes, but our dear sweet Ksenia feels sorry for a flea that gets splatted on a windowshield! Her heart is greater that anyone's I know!
--Denyse Fri Oct 28 15:22:18 2005
Well, that's good. I just have to know realize that she's not the one to hand the extra shotgun to when the Zombies come a'shuffling in, wanting to eat our brains...
--Kirk Fri Oct 28 15:54:43 2005
I extend a lot of sympathy for the innocents who get attacked and turned into zombies, but as far as zombies qua zombies, pass the ammunition!

Also, I felt a small metaphysical tumult when some trailer or ad for the recent Dawn of the Dead indicated that Hell or the afterlife was "full," so the dead couldn't shuffle off quietly. Does that mean that the "killed" zombies are merely dissembled into unthreatening, yet still living parts?

Finally, perhaps Ksenia could enjoy "Shawn of the Dead," which ends-- how can I say this without spoiling-- with some sympathetic views of the zombies. I can't recall if you've mentioned seeing it, but it's a really amusing parody of the survival-horror genre (which is to say, of zombie flicks) from the creators of "Spaced," a pastiche of sitcoms but with delightfully geeky twists. In fact, the zombie extras in SotD were all Spaced fans who were recruited via a fansite.
--LAN3 Sat Oct 29 21:34:28 2005
Yep, you have to see Shaun of the Dead, because it's ace. Shaun's parents are enjoyably British ;-)
(I was watching Night of the Living Dead only earlier. actually.)
--Catherine Sun Oct 30 13:28:21 2005
Shaun of the Dead, just saw it. Great! Even though I got grossed out by that one scene.

I normally don't get into zombie movies, but just because of the gore.

The zombie baby in the Dawn of the Dead remake was cute, though.
--Mr. Lex Sun Oct 30 23:09:59 2005