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--Kirk Sun Nov 13 20:27:32 2005
Would Szilard be too much?
--LAN3 Mon Nov 14 03:12:30 2005
You could go with IgNobel, too. Other ideas: Hawking, Scotty (Scottie?), Scooter (as in The Muppets, not Libby), Darwin, Berners-Lee...
--Max Mon Nov 14 19:20:00 2005
Feynman and Hawking I both like, but I've also used both in the past as nicks and handles in various chat and gaming instances, so I'm not sure I'll name the PC those. Bunsen in place of Scooter, maybe. Darwin's not bad at all. Berners-Lee? No way-- not naming a gaming machine after the web guy, hehe.
--LAN3 Mon Nov 14 19:47:41 2005
Bunsen is a good choice. How about Beaker?
--Max Mon Nov 14 22:28:43 2005
What about Clausius?
--Candi Tue Nov 15 17:41:03 2005
With my first choice of Feynman out of the window, how about Neal, for Stephenson, writer of Cryptonomicon (among other things)?
--Catherine Wed Nov 16 11:24:04 2005
Though it is temporarily named Beaker, it'll be getting a full wipe and reinstall (now that I better understand how to mount the RAID array correctly upon starting to install XP) and, unless I'm struck by something brilliant, will be Bunsen. Thanks all for your suggestions, and keep them coming for a little while, since it'll be at least 3 days before I marry a name to the PC.
--LAN3 Thu Nov 17 21:18:07 2005
Schroedinger..... definitely schroedinger.

After all, given the utter shite that Windows RAID drivers are, you truly do not know whether it is alive or dead.

----EB Sun Nov 20 19:37:24 2005