sidebar 2005.11.25
Ugh, I don't like Outlook that much.

I know it does more than, say, the Palm PDA functions, but they don't manage the extra power very well, and it's never very pleasant to use, IMO
--Kirk Fri Nov 25 18:48:55 2005
Yeah, I have a lot of complaints about Outlook, too. But you just can't beat its integration and flexibility. I can keep a very sophisticated system of tasks, projects, appointments, associated people, and associated e-mails in a single application and synced between my home and office PCs with my Palm. No other tool I've seen can do that.
--Max Fri Nov 25 20:56:17 2005
I guess. I've never been a big fan of integration like that.

And when I try to dig up old mail, a very frequent task, its search engine is so clunky that I seriously consider proposing that my company just use gmail for everything. (Yes I know how half-assed a thought that is, but still.)

I mean, Outlook can't even figure out, if I'm replying to an email FROM ME, I probably actually meant to send mail to the OTHER DAMN RECIPIENTS.
--Kirk Fri Nov 25 23:16:06 2005
For really great integration, get a Mac. The Mail app is integrated with all the standard Mac apps.  The best part, of course, is the separation of privileges, which prevents a virus, even a Mac specific virus, from rootkitting my box without my express permission.  Unless you are willing to pay for a spyware scanner, a virus scanner, and a decent firewall program, Outlook is an unacceptablely large security problem.

----EB Sun Nov 27 13:08:44 2005
I bet the Mac stuff is great, but I have to say, the Windows/Office solution gives me everything I want. My only reason to switch to Linux is to get out of "proprietary hell," but switching to Mac wouldn't do that for me.
--Max Sun Nov 27 13:14:48 2005
Proprietary hell -- a very noble motivation for which I applaud you. Network computing is much like sexual relations, however. The friends who don't give you interesting viruses are the most appreciated.

----EB Sun Nov 27 15:23:56 2005
For all the talk about MS's vulnerability to worms/viruses, I have <b>never</b> had a malware infection on one of my home PCs in 15 years of using Windows. By keeping the OS and apps patched, using up-to-date AV software, and being careful what you open, you can avoid just about everything.
--Max Sun Nov 27 18:16:23 2005
Max, I would love to come over and audit your system, free of my usual security charge. Most rootkits are completely silent when a user is on the system. There is absolutely no profit in subverting a system if you advertise that you have done it. 

I have <b> never</b> had a malware infection that made itself noticeable. I have had several that were only detectable by inspecting the system through multiple API's.  Game much on your system? Ever download maps, skins, textures, models? Most games do a crap job of assuring the security of mods, buffer overflows abound. 

Fun stuff, really and truly.
---- EB Sun Nov 27 21:11:13 2005
I mean, Outlook can't even figure out, if I'm replying to an email FROM ME, I probably actually meant to send mail to the OTHER DAMN RECIPIENTS.

Lotus Notes gets this wrong too.

--ericball Mon Nov 28 16:56:54 2005
Nope, I don't download game mods or other suspicious stuff. I'm quite careful with where I get my software. I use all of the security features offered by MS, along with a variety of third-party tools. Is it impossible that I have a rootkit installed? Of course not. Is it likely? Not even close.
--Max Mon Nov 28 23:41:16 2005
I'm probably far too late to be any use here, but I believe Mozilla's Thunderbird is meant to be the OSS alternative to Outlook. It's less fussy than Evolution, too.
--Catherine Tue Jan 24 08:14:56 2006