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"Am I living someone else's ideal of perfect?"

In those shoes, you might well be, Candi.
--Kirk Thu Dec 1 02:45:10 2005
Eistein would have said no.
--The_Lex Thu Dec 1 10:36:00 2005
Einstein definitely would have said no.

If there's more than one possible outcome for everything, then there are an infinite number of universes. How is there room for them all?
--Candi Thu Dec 1 14:20:12 2005

--FoSo Thu Dec 1 16:22:38 2005
oops. kirk, my infinity symbol doesn't work!
--FoSO Thu Dec 1 16:23:09 2005
It's beyond our knowledge at the moment. Please check back in at least one century. We may have an answer for you then.
--The_lex Thu Dec 1 16:37:38 2005
You may want to check out and others by the same author, including:

--ericball Thu Dec 1 18:08:12 2005
"If there's more than one possible outcome for everything, then there are an infinite number of universes."

Umm, I think you missed a step.

I mean, the "many many worlds" theory is just one line of thought about the issue, isn't it?
--Kirk Thu Dec 1 19:12:40 2005
Foso: see if this works: ∞
(if so it's
& infin ;
minus the spaces)
--Kirk Thu Dec 1 19:13:28 2005
clearly it does work, k.
--FoSO Fri Dec 2 15:38:12 2005
Ok, I should've said "I'm seeing if this works"...I wasn't positive til I tried it.
--Kirk Fri Dec 2 17:00:35 2005
<i>Am I living someone else's ideal of perfect?</i>

Almost certainly, yes. However, such is the depth of human experience that you probably don't even need to go to another world to find that person.
--Catherine Sat Dec 3 14:57:22 2005
The someone else's ideal of perfect is one of those questions that I needed to consider for my study in Utopian studies.
--The_Lex Sun Dec 4 17:42:14 2005
I wish the series "Sliders" were better.

THere are lots of decisions I make where I imagine there's a parallel universe where I went the other way. If enough of them stack, there's one where I'm running a bed and breakfast in the Czech Republic, playing chess with backpackers and speaking Esperanto to my wife. Or there's one where I'm still living with my parents and haven't worked in two years. So it goes both ways.

--Nick B Mon Dec 5 00:32:18 2005