sidebar 2005.12.15
Wait until you realize how cheap webcams are.
--LAN3 Fri Dec 16 01:21:23 2005
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 10:06:32 2005
Whoa! Is there going to be a Kisrael webcam now?
--The_Lex Fri Dec 16 13:17:51 2005
Oh, god.

Well, *somethings* gotta replace "Jennicam".
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 14:19:36 2005
I think I might be traumatized.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 16 14:51:54 2005
I'd totally watch KirkVision!!
--Candi Fri Dec 16 19:00:28 2005
Well...yes, we could have guessed that Candi. However, you're likely a bit of a minority. By groupie group is distressingly small.
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 19:45:31 2005
hehe. Well, in this case webcams are mis-named; I had the idea that a cheap cam and a projection monitor are the new mirror on the ceiling. I didn't actually mean to suggest that KirkVision is something there's a market for, but now that someone else has suggested it, I bow.

Anyway, there's definitely a strong market for eastern european babes on cam, if not so much male Bostonians with a programmer complexion
--LAN3 Sat Dec 17 19:14:55 2005